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Open House XXVI

Open House is the first stage for a recruitment process of the new members which aims to provide an understanding of ALSA in general and ALSA LC Unhas in detail. Open House is held once in a period of management, where this activity can only be executed if the Pembinaan Mahasiswa Hukum Fakultas Hukum Universitas Hasanuddin (PMH FH-UH) has been done, meaning that every candidate member of the ALSA LC Unhas has the status of the Keluarga Mahasiswa (KEMA) biasa, according to the ALSA LC Unhas Bylaws. The purpose of holding this Open House is to introduce and promote ALSA to students of Faculty of Law that wish to join ALSA.

This year's Open House has entered the members recruitment of batch XXVI. The Open House XXVI Project Officer is Miss. Nurfidya Zalsabila's. This activity was held for two days, 27-28 February 2021 through a Zoom Meeting Platform with the theme "A Gateway to Explore and Be the Highway to Develop" and was attended by 208 participants. This activity was attended by the President of ALSA International, Griselda Audrey Chandra and also the President of ALSA Indonesia Khalifah Al-Kays Yusuf and the Chief Officer of Creative Design ALSA Indonesia Sintha Mogi. This activity contains of agendas such as an introduction to the history of ALSA, the International Board, the National Board, and the Local Chapter, especially the ALSA LC Unhas. In this year's Open House, there is a Focus Group Discussion that discussed the issue of vaccination during the pandemic which was initiated by Andi Ahmad Ichsan Hady, S.H.

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